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Do you have writing/photography skills and love sports? 
We need writers to cover local high schools, colleges, universities, minor league teams and professional teams.  

If you don't have experience, we may be interested in you too!  We have writers that previously knew nothing about a sport, nothing about sports writing and are doing great.

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Welcome to Player 2 Fans!
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Monday, 22 June 2009

Player 2 Fans is a site dedicated to bridging the gap between fans and their favorite players.  You will be able to ask your favorite players questions about their careers and sports.

The media has done a fantastic job in selling us on wanting to be like these awesome players, now it is time to find out what it really takes. 

 In each 30-50+ minute interview, we try to uncover every detail of your favorite players career.  Their defeats, their triumphs and what they believe has been their secret to success. 

It may have been just being in the right place at the right time.  Or it may have been a grueling, tough journey that few would have had the courage and desire to continue on! 

You will find out:

- how YOUR GRADES can make the difference between a short cut to the pros or a long grueling journey to the pros!

- how your favorite player achieved the success he/she has?  

- what their training schedual is like 

- what their career path has been like

- how they handle the fame

- how they overcame their road blocks



 You WILL NOT find these interviews anywhere else!  These players are committed to helping you understand what it takes to achieve success!

Player 2 Fans is your road map to understanding the truth and reality of what it takes to make it to the top.

Your subscription gives you direct access to these valuable interviews and player directory. 

To YOUR success,

Shawn Mosqueda



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